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Prickly Pear Box

Master Artist: Karen Parker
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Island Ford Road
Statesville, NC 28625

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TAGS: GhostWoman Studios is the home of Classic Fine Art Oil Painting by Master Artist, Famous Artist, Karen Parker. Karen paints in a Classical Academic Style. As a Painter her Oil Paintings include, Portrait, Collectible Painting, Paintings, Commissions, Corporate, Private, National, International, Museum Quality, Works.

Her Portrait Studio produces Priceless Image, including: Flower, Landscape, Painting, Gift, Wedding Gift, Unique Gift, Gift Idea, Anniversary Gift, Birthday Gift, Personalized Gift, Luxury, Luxury Gift, Executive, Beautiful Bridal, Wedding, Modern, Current, New, Tradition, , Miniature, Still Life, Still Life Painting, Art Painting, Landscape Painting, Green, Blue, Ocean, Water, Mountain, Outdoors, Woods, Nature, Natural, Natural Beauty, Spiritual, Inspiration, utilizing an Immortal Technique.

The great skill with which the artwork is produced has garnered many Awards, Honor, Award Trophy, People Award, Prize. She has amazing Drawing Technique, utilizing Color, Colors, Value, Light, Northern Light, Canvas, in her studio.

Although this is a Modern Art, Studio, Online, her work is shown in many Art Gallery, Museum, Prestige, Success, Money, Fortune, Wealth, Sale, Estate, North Carolina, North Carolina Estate, NC. These Heirloom pieces are an Inheritance, Tax, Business, Small Business, Home Business, that work well in any Home, Home Furnishing, Home Decorating, Home Décor, Interior, Home Interior, Interior Decorating, Interior Design, Interior Designer, Interior Design Style, Decorating Interior Design.

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